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To: Interested Parties
From: Haselden Construction
Ref: Letter of Recommendation/Testimonial


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Theron Skidmore and I am a Project manager with Haselden Construction. I have worked in the construction industry since I was 16 years old and have been involved in many different types of projects. In the past 8 years that I have lived in Colorado and been working as a Project Manager I have had the experience of working with nearly ALL the elevator companies that are out there. I cannot count the times that I have been overly frustrated with each company in turn for many various reasons. However, on one of my most recent projects I encountered a gentleman who literally blew me away with his service and attention to my project. This person was Jeff Woods. At the time he was working with Thyssen Krupp and I quickly learned it was not necessarily the company that impressed me, but the individual. Jeff proved that he actually cared not only about the success of the project as a whole, but also about the success of me personally and the happiness of our client. I have never before seen such a thing from any elevator company I had ever worked with! It gave me hope that there are still some quality people out there that do things for the better good rather than for there own self interest.

The project was successful and was turned over on time. The customer service and cooperation that I received from Jeff Woods during this project was impressive. There were multiple times where the schedule had to be shifted to accommodate other trades and Jeff was flexible. There were a number times where extras would come up from the District and Jeff was always quick to respond with suggestions and or pricing regarding the issue. In fact there were a couple different times where Jeff came through with extra items that should have been a change order to them and they did not request any money. This type of service has created a great working relationship with me and Jeff, as well as the School District we have worked for. I am happy to recommend Jeff Woods as a subcontractor or consultant when it comes to elevator modification, and I certainly look forward to maintaining my relationship with him and being successful on many future projects.


Theron Skidmore
Project Manager
Haselden Construction